GRACE Quotes

"God's grace is greater than our disgrace."

"Grace does not free us to sin, it frees us from sin."

"Sin condemns the best of us, grace saves the worst of us."

"God's grace is not because of us, it's in spite of us."

"It is one thing for a person to define grace, but it is something altogether different for grace to define a person."

"Grace takes hold when we stop thinking about what has been done to us and start thinking about what has been done for us."

"God's grace turns 'impossible' into 'I'M POSSIBLE!'"

"Grace -- God does not want us to pay it back, He wants us to pay it forward."

"Grace is not receiving what we deserve and not deserving what we receive."

"His grace is the remedy to your hurts, habits, and hang-ups."

"Grace changes everything."

"Grace is blessings bestowed when wrath is owed."

"Jesus never used the word 'grace,' yet no one has ever defined it better."

"Grace must be center stage or the entire production is skewed."

"Grace is better experienced than explained."

"With great grace comes great responsibility."

 "Grace is based on His mercy, not our merit."

"It is only by grace, but not by grace only."

"Grace is God's answer to man's problems."

"He came to pay a debt He did not owe, because we owed a debt we could not pay."

"Vertical grace is linked to horizontal grace."

"When grace takes hold, guilt lets go."

"Grace is God's part, faith is man's part."

"Grace puts the 'good' in Good News."

"Grace straightens crooked paths, softens hardened hearts, sustains wearied minds, and saves lost souls."

"Guilt indicts, grace invites."

"Grace can turn your mess into a message."