Aaron was born in Lebanon, Kentucky, on November 17, 1980. He was the first child of Douglas and Mary Kay Erhardt. His family soon moved to Louisville, where Aaron was raised with his brother and sister. Aaron graduated from Valley High School in 1999.

Aaron met his wife, Jill, when he was sixteen years old. They became high school sweethearts and married shortly after Jill graduated in 2001.

Aaron was immersed into Christ as a teenager and began attending a church of Christ. He immediately expressed a desire to proclaim the gospel. He preached by appointment until he began his first full-time ministry at age 19. Aaron has worked with congregations in Louisville, Lexington, and Taylorsville.

Aaron and his wife are the parents of four children -- Skylar, Luke, Seth, and Sari. Jill home-schools the kids and is a Bible class teacher at church.

Aaron has published nearly 20 books, and he hosted a very successful daily, call-in radio program in Louisville for ten years.

If you are ever in the Louisville area, feel free to visit with Aaron at the Taylorsville church of Christ. For more information, go to www.TaylorsvillechurchofChrist.com